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Cache Coeur has been the European leader of maternity and nursing product for over 10 years. By helping mothers on their breastfeeding journey, Cache Coeur saw a need beyond nursing lingerie and apparel. It is through this need that Curve by Cache Coeur was born.

Mothers of today are active and busy. Nursing is often considered to be a complicated task and it is our goal make nursing an approachable and unforgettable experience.

Curve uses innovative technologies that offer the best quality and highest performance. Tested against over 20 competitor brands, Curve Nursing Pads are the only washable pads with optimal absorption to keep you dry and comfortable.

Curve is committed to consumer safety and the preservation of our planet. It is through this commitment that we have attained OEKO-TEX® certification on Curve Nursing Pads and FSC® certification on our packaging. We use recyclable and sustainable materials in our packaging to reduce our environmental footprint and to ensure responsible forest management. We carefully choose our manufacturing facilities and develop all of our product and packaging materials to preserve our planet and respect the health of both mother and baby.


Our responsible commitment […] :
Respect women's health and preserve our planet's resources

With more than 2000 retailers in 54 countries, Cache Coeur is loved by moms around the world.


Breastfeeding benefits

Breastmilk is dense in rich essential nutrients that aid in infant development. According to the World Health Organization, breastmilk promotes sensory and cognitive development and protects infants against disease. Breastfeeding also contributes to the health of the mother and has been shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Curve is committed to creating quality nursing products that support mothers in their breastfeeding journey. We believe that research is imperative in the development process and we have utilized the help of both medical professionals and mothers to create products that help you reap the benefits of breastfeeding.

Our commitment
Made in France

Curve products are designed and made in France. We carefully choose our manufacturing facilities and have established partnerships with our suppliers based on trust to ensure quality and craftstmanship in our products and packaging.

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Fabric development

Curve Washable Nursing Pads use the latest technology in fabric development. Four layers of fabric are combined to create the only ergonomic nursing pad that is leakproof, absorbant, and with antibacterial and odor absorbing properties. Fabrics are free from harmful chemicals to keep both mother and baby safe.

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Eco-friendly and safe
The long lasting washable nursing pad

Curve Nursing Pads are the sustainable alternative to disposable pads. They are washable, reusable, and free from harmful chemicals for the safety of mother, baby, and the environment.

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OEKO-TEX labelled
The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system. To receive this label, all parts of an article must meet the required criteria - in addition to the outer fabric, for example, also the sewing threads, inserts, buttons, zippers, and more. We are proud to meet these strict standards for the health of our customers.
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Sustainable Packaging

Curve packaging is FSC Certified. The FSC sets standards for responsibly managed forests, both environmentally and socially. Using these responsible sources, we are able to do our part to ensure forests remain thriving environments for generations to come.

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