CURVE technology

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Curve Nursing Pads are designed with the most innovative technology and superior quality to ensure the highest performance available in a nursing pad. Thanks to four layers of protection and 3D breathable technology they have been proven to be completely dry against the skin within 8 minutes.

The patented innovation of Curve also includes antibacterial and anti-odor technology as an additional feature for your health and comfort.

The ergonomic shape of Curve is unique and adaptable to various bra styles; simply rotate the triangular shape of the pad to fit discreetly in lower cut styles. The anti-slip gel ensures that your breastfeeding pad stays in place.

Curve Nursing Pads were created after two years of research and development and truly are the most unique and technologically advanced pads available.

For true innovation and performance, choose Curve


With over two years of research and development, the ultimate nursing pad was created. Curve combines technology and functional design to keep mothers around the world comfortable and dry as they reap the benefits of breastfeeding.

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