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Curve is a French brand. But Curve is above all a passionate and ingenious team, focused on future moms and mom's to be, for over 10 years Cache Cœur has been sublimating them and is the leader in Europe on the maternity and nursing market. Nowadays, mothers are active, modern and nursing is often complicated, our goal, making nursing more approachable and an unforgettable experience.

For that we use innovative technologies associated with the French know how in order to offer products with the best quality and always more performant. We put as well our responsible commitment in the heart of our research and innovation policy. We select the best work shops and carefully develop our materials in order to preserve our planet an respect mother's skins.


« Our responsible commitment […] :
Respect women's health and preserve our planet's resources

With more than 2000 retailers in 54 countries, the French brand Curve is a key player in the nursing market.


Maternal nursing

Rich in essential nutriments (fatty acids, antibodies, vitamins…), maternal milk encourage your child's development. Because it is the most adapted food for babies, Curve is committed to create quality products to follow and support mothers in this long and wonderful nursing journey. To guarantee this experience, we involve medical professionals and mothers in our research process.

Our Involvement
Our quality nursing pads
Made in France

Concerned to offer the best nursing pads with the best quality, we made the choice to manufacture all our Curve products in France. This way we  put forward our French work shops with a responsible product.

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Fabric development

Curve nursing pads are filled with new technologies. Ultra absorbent, waterproof, anti bacterial and ergonomic, all those technologies are perfectly adapted to mother's needs during breastfeeding. 2 years of research to developpe efficient and respectful products for mothers skin. We established partnerships built on trust with our suppliers for the best quality of our products.

L'univers curve
Environmentally and health friendly
The long lasting washable nursing pad

Curve nursing pads are a sustainable alternative to disposable pads. Made with chemical free fabrics, our nursing pads are washable meaning they are reusable and respect mother's skin as well. Curve nursing pads are eco-friendly and economical.

L'univers curve
Oeko tex labelled
The Curve nursing pads are labelled Oeko Tex. This European label is very strict and controls the manufacturing process to guarantee a production free of chemicals that could be a risk for consumers health.
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Our packaging

Our Curve packaging are practical, recyclable and sustainable. Curve is committed to reduce its environmental footprint with FSC labelled packaging, for responsible forest management.

L'univers curve

Curve Universe

Curve is a French brand, created for active and modern women, by a passionate staff. 2 years of research were necessary to design Curve nursing pads: a combination of the exceptional French know how and the best of technology, a true jewel of innovation for a unique experience. Mother's health and environment foot print is what we focused on: all of our nursing pads are made with respectful materials and are washable, so sustainable and economical.