5 reasons to love Curve

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Breastfeeding your child in an unforgettable journey filled with discoveries, fulfilment and emotions. With several years of research and development with mothers and medical professionals, Curve is the new french washable nursing pads brand specialized on the nursing market.

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5 reasons to love Curve
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Curve Universe

Cache Cœur has completely changed the maternity and nursing lingerie market, now Cache Cœur wishes to use its textile knowledge on the nursing pads market.

2 years of research to create Curve: washable nursing pads, efficient and discreet. Made of innovative and ultra performant materials, Curve nursing pads are super absorbent, leakproof day and night. Every detail counts, Curve has unique ergonomics for the perfect breast shape while holding in place thanks to its anti slip system. For the best quality, Curve nursing pads are entirely made in France with respectful materials.

The other version ofmaternity lingerie

Cache Coeur lingerie

Since its creation in 2008, Cache Cœur hasn't stopped innovating to respond to future mom and mother's needs. Leader on the European market on maternity and nursing lingerie, the young French brand is unique thanks to its exceptional corset savoir-faire and elegant creativity.


Cache Coeur's creations are little jewels of innovation, from the lingerie to the pyjama line, the bathing suit to the maternity bolas, all the French refinement is here, performance, comfort, quality, you will feel well and feminine during your pregnancy.

Cache Coeur lingerie

Curve washable nursing pads

Day and night our nursing pads are ergonomic and perfectly match mother's breast shapes for total invisibility under clothing. To respect mother's skin, our nursing pads are comfortable and breathable. They are washable meaning they are sustainable and perfectly correspond to mother's needs during their nursing journey.