Breastfeeding is often described like a fusional relationship between mother and her baby. Some father feels excluded from this particular connection which exist between his wife and his baby.

Moreover, father also have a role to play during breastfeeding. Indeed, their presence is a real support for the mother. Here are some advices for the father to get involved in breastfeeding and not feel excluded

1. Bring baby to the mom

When baby makes you understand that he is hungry, bring him to his mom so that she can breastfeed. Even if it’s the mother who breastfeed, go take baby even at night and bring him to your bed so he can suck!

Awake, you can participate in breastfeeding and share this moment with your partner and your child.

2. Change the baby nappies

It is often observed that babies fall asleep while nursing. That’s why think about change its baby nappies before his mother breastfeed. He will then be clean to suck and sleep quietly!

3. Give to baby his bath

As soon as you have the opportunity, give to your baby his bath, it's a good opportunity to interact with him. In this way you will be able to create a link together without the mother from time to time.

4.  Be a support for the mom

Be a shoulder on which your companion can rest during breastfeeding. This period is not always obvious for moms, so you will be mentally and physically supportive for her.

During breastfeeding, for example, the mother may feel tired. You can enjoy times when she is breastfeeding to take care of the housework. With your help, the mother will be able to focus on feeding her baby without stress and worry about the tasks she thought she would do.

More the father will be involved in breastfeeding for the well-being of his wife and/or for his baby, more the breastfeeding will be a moment of fulfillment for the couple and the baby.

The father play an important role in breastfeeding, he is a real support for the nursing mom.