After two years of research and development close to moms, we succeded to create Curve: the washable nursing pad that answers all your breastfeeding issues. Absorbent, aesthetic, anti-odor, eco-responsible and sustainable, our Curve nursing pad is, in our opinion, the most efficient in the world. We prouve it?

For this we decided to make a series of comparative videos between Curve and the most iconic brands on the market today: Philips Avent, Medela and Bamboobies.

Three, two, one ... here we go!


 1.      ULTRA-ABSORBENT breathable 3D technology

Our Curve Nursing Pad has breathable 3D technology that allows it to be ultra-absorbent and to guarantee you no leakage. Furthermore, this technology allows to have a healthy nursing pad because it is antibacterial and anti-odor.



comparative videos Curve and Avent

Comparative video between Curve and Avent pads


comparative video Curve and Medela

Comparative video between Curve and Medela pads


comparative video Curve and Bamboobies

Comparative video between Curve and Bamboobies pads


 2.      A perfect INVISIBILITY under clothes

Its unique triangular ergonomics that follows the shape of the breast has been studied to guarantee you a total invisibility under clothes without any demarcation of the nursing pad.

We can also adapt its position according to the neckline worn, by pivoting the pad so that it stays invisible. Furthermore, it has anti-slip system that allows it to adhere to underwear and stay in place throughout your day or night.

 Photo ergonomie Curve

A nursing pad on the left, Curve on the right


Photo ergonomie Curve 2

An other nursing pad on the left, Curve on the right


 3.      Respectful materials certified OEKO-TEX

The production of our nursing pad is entirely realized in France (in the Vosges) with materials that respect your body and your health. It’s a sustainable and economical nursing pad because it’s washable and reusable and it was studied to be sustainable in time.



Label oeko tex