Last December in France, the sanitary authorities took off the market the 1 age milks from pharmacies and grocery stores, the brands concerned were Picot, Pepti junior and Milumel.


What happened?

The health government has indicated that young children aged less than 6 months years old were contaminated with Salmonella agona in 8 different regions in France. All of these babies had drunk powder milk that was manufactured between mid-Julys till end of November by the Lactalis Company in Mayenne.

The warehouse is being controlled by the sanitary services to check if there is still a presence of Salmonella in the products stored in the warehouse.

The Lactalis communication manager has declared “there have been 12 packages that have been sold on the market and others are still in the warehouse, those in the warehouse have been blocked”.


What is this disease ?

We can see if the child has Salmonella within the 3 days after the ingestion, with a gastro-enteritis, through ups, or a bloody diarrhea. If you see those signs you must go immediately to the doctor. We can detect 2000 types of Salmonella on humans, between 2012 and 2016, the CNR has detected 65 Salmonella Agona every year. In France, it was found in food for animals.


As a reminder

A toll-free number is available for families: 0800120120, someone will be there to advice you from 9 am to 8 pm..

Public health reminds you the hygiene principals when you prepare your baby bottles:

- You need to wash your hands in hot water with soap, before and after manipulating baby bottles

- Do not prepare your baby bottles in advance

- Clean up your baby bottles after use